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In the town of Byala you can visit:

  • Paleo-geological phenomenon Belite Skali (The White Cliffs)
  • Archaeological excavations at Saint Atanas Cape
  • National Congregation of Community Centers (held annually at the end of June at Europe Square)
  • Concerts, sporting events, cinema and theater productions and entertainment for children (held in July and August)
  • Sea Week (traditionally held in the first week of August)
  • Beach volleyball tournament (held in August)
  • Days of Byala (held annually as of 05.09)

For nature lovers in Byala are organized:

  • Jeep safari
  • Boat tripping
  • Fishing
  • Boat ride along the Kamchia River

You can always combine your vacation in Byala with a short trip, as the town is located close to attractive destinations such as::

-Obzor (11 km)
-Irakli beach (19 km)
-Emine Cape (25 km)
-Shkorpilovtsi (33 km)
-Kamchia River (35 km)
-Nessebar (48 km)
-Varna (54 km)
-Burgas (77 km)
-Albena (84 km)
-Balchik (97 km)
-Kaliakra Cape (131 km)

Sights in the region

Late Antique Fortress at Saint Atanas Cape

Byala will impress you not only with its unique nature, but also with its rich history which dates back to the 4th c. BC. Officially opened for visitors in May 2014, the ancient fortress is located on the very edge of a cliff on the beach – St. Atanas Cape. Visiting Byala will offer you the opportunity to stroll around the ancient city and explore a more than 1,500 years old church, winery and a bathroom…The church complex, baptismal and furnaces have also been found during the excavations. Your idea of ​​how our ancestors lived will be supplemented by drawings and reconstructions of former life in these lands. Completely and imperceptibly you will sink into the atmosphere of the ancient city, however, the noise of the waves and the beautiful view which will reveal in front of you from St. Atanas Cape will bring you back to reality.

The White Rocks

You may be wondering why the town is given the name Byala (“white” in Bulgarian). You will find out as soon as you step on the central beach of the small town and see the white rocks. This is a paleogeological site from the Cretaceous-Tertiary time. The white cliffs in Byala are among the four other places in the world where one can see traces of the layer that wrapped the earth during the meteorite impact when the dinosaurs actually disappeared, more than 65 000 million years ago. 

Kara Dere and Irakli beaches

In case you don’t want to bother with history, archeology or paleontology during your holiday in Byala and you just dream of lying on a pristine beach with a cool drink in hand, the solution is close, just a few kilometers from you.

North of Byala, dirty roads will lead you to one of the last untouched wild beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast – Kara dere. The beach is clean, with no rocks, at places it borders on forest and shrubs. If you are a fan of camping, extreme sports and nudism – do not hesitate to visit it!

Irakli is a protected area for unique plants listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria grow there. It is distinguished for its virgin nature and clean beach and sea. July morning is traditionally celebrated here. Irakli is 19 km from the town of Byala.